Hi, my name is Ibrahim Ali Faour, I`m Lebanese. Born on 9th March 1986,in a city called Dammam in Saudi Arabia.

Finished Secondary Education in Dammam and graduated from Lebanese University this year(2008) with a degree in Computer Science and I worked as a Java Web Developer and an administrator for my employer’s Bug tracking system(PHP).
I started surfing the web eight years ago, I learned a lot of things like web, photoshop and flash designing, and finding internet and computer problems` solutions and much more.

UPDATE:Alongside with the above skills, I do PHP, C, C++, Assembly, SQL, Java, JavaScript, HTML, XHTML, CSS, VB and AJAX some with basic knowledge and some as an pre-expert. I’ll try to go deeper in most of these languages in the summer’s holidays, I hope!

For any help or question, please contact me any time you want!